Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spotlight: The XX

Genre: Indie

Just so I don't only seem to post classical music and mainstream, I thought I'd share some nice indie music as well. This Indie band actually won the Mercury award from the UK and I believe their album is really nice. It's got a very chillout electric feel to it that's very good for just relaxing. I would definitely recommend giving them a try, I honestly think you should listen to the whole album in sequence to really get the feel of their style, but Crystalised is a good start :) Surprisingly I've only known about this group after my Psychology professor was blasting their song at 9am before the lecture started, quite uplifting. So if you really like this song, you should try listening to some other ones on their myspace.

Anyway, hope you're all open to indie music and enjoy!

Note: Apologies if soundcloud isn't working as of now, it should be fixed shortly.


  1. great music !!
    supporting you
    take care.

  2. the duet between them is so pretty
    xx is heading for mainstream arn't they

  3. cool man

  4. Finally some indie music hazza my sort of stuff man!

  5. The XX is the sexiest-sounding band ever.

    good post man! i'll be sure to comment more often if you keep up with the awesome music blogging!

  6. there are a lot of really cool mashups of this group with other good stuff. good band all in all