Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teenage Dreams include Pregnancy

Before I start bashing this video, I'd like to first give kudos to Katy Perry for actually insinuating that she's doing the deed instead of having a bunch of sexual innuendos in her previous one where jizz was flying out of these bras that pump out whip cream. This time it's much much worse. Almost everything about this video is encouraging little children to impregnate each other while driving super fast in a car, but the worst part is... IT'S OKAY TO PDA. I just find it really weird how the supposed boyfriend in this video looks like all he wants to do is to get into Katy Perry's pants.
"Of course I think you're pretty without any make-up on, I was not staring at your face this whole time..."
I mean the whole time he doesn't even really look at her normally, it's always the "I want my P in your V pleez" look. And when they start hanging out with their friends, all he did was throw her down and is ready to shag. So the message here is that extremely creepy horny men that look like they want to sexually assault you are pretty decent candidates for a relationship, especially if they know boxing. Because that just means that if you don't give them what they want, they WILL beat it out of you, Chris Brown style, so you better PDA when he wants it. Aside from that, there is one pro from all this, and it's that these standards aren't hard to meet, so I guess Men's chances of getting women have doubled since the release of this video :D

If you're looking for the TRUE teenage dream video, then it's right here.

Edit: Since I am receiving some comments about her bosom, here's a little treat.