Monday, September 27, 2010

Spotlight: Tinie Tempah

Genre: Hip Hop, Electro

Alright, I just wanted to introduce all of you to this upcoming artist in the UK, Tinie Tempah. Lets just say I would not be surprised if you start hearing him on the radio in North America. His songs are catchy like the mainstream rap songs we have here except he adds a bit of electro to it. The fact that he raps in an English accent just makes it sound so much more interesting. As of now he's had about three singles that were consistently in the top 10 and his current new single is first!

If "Frisky" doesn't intrigue you as much or if it does, give his other songs a try!

Hope you enjoy them and let me know what you think!

Note: I might be posting everyday or every two days, Midterms are on their way so I might be slightly busy!


  1. Catchy song, his voice kind of reminds me of that guy that sings with bruno mars, and he kind of looks like him too

  2. thanks for the comments guys! glad you enjoy the song :)